107cfm Tow Behind Diesel Compressor

This range offers the capability to run up to two breakers. The compressors are driven by quiet-running, energy efficient Kubota engines.

With the benefit of a wide engine speed range, fuel savings are increased and the engine reliability and lifetime are enhanced.

With an integrated generator, which can supply power for lights and electric tools, these compact portables compressors suit many applications. With an operating weight less than 500 kg (unbreaked) they can be towed by small vehicles.

135cfm Tow Behind Diesel Compressor

This popular range is very quiet which makes it suitable particularly for urban applications.

Many rental companies use this range because of the versatile application capabilities and the easy operation.

175cfm Tow Behind Diesel Compressor

These portable air compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air for construction sites and other industry applications such as demolition, sand blasting, sprinkler irrigation and monument engraving.

A wide range of tow behind air compressor models and accessories are available to suit virtually any need.